The day it caught fire…

I spent the better part of the day standing on HOT pavement wondering when the fire was gonna get us.  I work for FOX 25 in Oklahoma City. I’m a news photographer…its a thankless job, not glamorous in anyway!  Ok maybe not entirely thankless, some people appreciate us.  Alas I digress, I get a text from Deeda Payton telling me we are going to be “live” out at the fire all day…so I prepared and loaded up on water, tapes, and gum (the gum is absolutely a necessity).  Anyway it was hot and there was fire involved, the end…oh and I put it all on TV.  Sound fun?  Highlight of the day was seeing my old friend Lisa Monahan…now working at a competing station.  All in all, it was a good day..I’m just wondering when my eyes will stop burning.


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