The Death of Local Television?

Imagine a time and place where local television over the air doesn’t exist?  That would mean no weather warnings, no local news, no amber alerts, no emergency broadcasts.  You would be forced to purchase cable or satellite service to get television (something always free to you) in your home.  This is a very real possibility.  … Continue reading

Today we remember

No words needed…

Thursday Night Lights

It wouldn’t be college football season with out at least a few nationally televised games on ESPN would it?  NOPE!  Along with ESPN comes the headache that is ESPN.  You can only be in this part of the stadium, you can only shoot this part of the field, you have to stay out of the … Continue reading

The guy I never met…

Today I had the chance to meet someone who actually doesn’t exist!  We were shooting this interview for a future story, and by future I mean tonight (at least it will be tonight when you read this post).  One of the “operatives” that works for an attorney doesn’t exist.  To be perfectly honest, the attorney … Continue reading

Good hair?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a photojournalist for a local fox affiliate in OKC.  It comes as no shock then that my day is always different from the previous days assignment.  When I arrived today, I sat in our afternoon meeting tossed out my ideas for stories and then was assigned to work with two of … Continue reading