The Sequel to the day it caught fire…

The view from the East Looking towards MidWest Blvd

The problem yesterday wasn’t as much the fires, it was the equipment we were working with.  Kinda like Ron White’s joke about flying from Phoenix to Flagstaff… “couldn’t do it with this equipment.”  The news gods were against us working feverishly to foil any live attempt with our feeble microwave equipment.  Thank goodness for satellite trucks, and my recent training on ours.  A quick phone call, then a plan was hatched to deter the news god Maximus Betaum (that’s Betamax for you older folks like me).

Needless to say, Sat Truck worked, stories shot and edited, then sent back to Earth faster than you can say poop with a 3 second delay!  Maximus Betaum was defeated for the time being!

In all seriousness, it was a good news day, unfortunately a lot of people lost property, animals, and things they had worked their whole lives to obtain.  They had the clothes on their back and whatever they decided to shod their feet with.   My heart goes out to the folks who have lost everything.  Please keep this great state in your prayers!


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