Hey thats my job!

Gov. Mary Fallin addressing the media concerning the Eastern OK Co. FiresI have the distinct privilege of being a part of the 5 estate…the media.  You know the liars who over hype everything and make things seem worse than they really are.   When people ask what I do for a living, I could say news photojournalist or something impressive, I opt to tell people that the folks who go and stand in the snow and rain and tell them its so bad that no one should be out in this weather,  yeah that’s me.  Then every once in a while I get to be in the middle of the most watched items on local TV news.  Example: any EXTREME weather situation, deadly shootings or fires, then there are the grass fires in Oklahoma.  We (the media) actually were able to accomplish some good in Oklahoma and kept people out of the areas that they needed to stay away from (paraphrased and attribution to Gov. Mary Fallin).


So for three days the parts of Eastern Oklahoma Country was on fire…where was I?  Watching it unfold through my viewfinder!  Don’t get me wrong, its amazing, sad, interesting, and honestly a bit of a rush to have things exploding around you, and in this case literally exploding.  The good news, I made it home safe each night to kiss my children, wife, and manage my semi successful LLC (the Dry Design Group).  A big thanks goes out to the firefighters from across our state who responded (often leaving their own jurisdictions in the hands of others).  The Red Hunk of junkCross for vittles and AYCD (all you can drink) water bottles.  Donate here to the OK County Red Cross.  But the biggest thanks goes to the people who decided NOT to rubber neck!  OMG can you imagine the CHAOS that could have been if people had decided, “hey lets go look at fires.” UGH!  So thank you, thank you, & thank you Oklahoma for not sending the Redneck Society out to view other peoples loss.

It’s my job to tell their stories…and I love it.



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