Good hair?


As I’ve mentioned, I’m a photojournalist for a local fox affiliate in OKC.  It comes as no shock then that my day is always different from the previous days assignment.  When I arrived today, I sat in our afternoon meeting tossed out my ideas for stories and then was assigned to work with two of my favorite reporters!  (Score!)

Our first story takes us to the Sunflower Market.  A new place for hippies and other health aware fruits and nuts to shop.  Good place you just won’t find a can of Campbell’s soup anywhere in the building.  So don’t look for it.  You will find a large building with inadequate parking, and a lot of people who weigh their fruits and veggies because there is a scale, but never once looked at the scale.  Its fun to people watch!  I digress.  Regardless so many people don’t know what they are putting in their bodies.  It’s sad really.  I can think back to the moment when I became self aware of the crap I was eating.  My wife had a lot to do with this.  Who knew calf liver was good for you. As are sardines, prunes (not just to keep you regular), and shrimp.  All of these items are great for your hair!

So our assignment, find bald guys and ask them what they think about eating healthier to keep what’s left of their chrome dome! As many men as were there, not a lot of baldies out there today.  My dad was bald, I am balding…I refuse to eat sardines, calf liver, prunes, and well ok I’ll do the shrimp, but still bleh!  Long story short, we finished that assignment and to quote Vanilla Ice “moved on to the next block.” Then my two needed a drink…sonic it was!  All in all, it was a fun day at work.  But it was work today, who would have thought finding some bald guys would be tough…


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