The guy I never met…

Today I had the chance to meet someone who actually doesn’t exist!  We were shooting this interview for a future story, and by future I mean tonight (at least it will be tonight when you read this post).  One of the “operatives” that works for an attorney doesn’t exist.  To be perfectly honest, the attorney never even used his name, he just called him a nick name!  I was sitting there listening to the attorney expound on the topic at hand and I realized I had no clue what this guy sitting next to him does.  So in a lull, I fired off the most intelligent question I could think of which was, “What exactly is your role here.”

Pandora’s box was opened…basically this guy is a former CIA Spook.  He has video of people that should it ever come to light, would be career ending!  I am pretty sure he knows who actually shot JFK! NO LIE HERE!  Regardless, in an attempt to get some closure from a past story, I asked him if he could do some snooping on a pastor who we did a story on.  Long story short we wanted some confirmation that he was using church money to frequent his favorite strip club.  With in an hour he called back and said someone would be calling me by Friday this week.  Now I am not a big believer in government cover ups, but this guy may actually be legit.  He called me on my cell phone and keep in mind we were out of the city of OKC proper and he would have an area code that was not a 405…the number that pops up on my cell caller ID?  The very tv station I work for.  CREEPY!


Any way the above picture is from the interview…I am a big believer in network lighting…Ill link the story back when I get a moment.


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