Thursday Night Lights

It wouldn’t be college football season with out at least a few nationally televised games on ESPN would it?  NOPE!  Along with ESPN comes the headache that is ESPN.  You can only be in this part of the stadium, you can only shoot this part of the field, you have to stay out of the grouchy camera operators way because by god he is better than you, and lastly we will always get better food than the local tv folks.  Now last night was especially fun because we were trying out some really sweet technology that allows they “journalist” to be LIVE anywhere there is a cell phone signal.  I use the quotes around journalist because that term is becoming increasingly watered down.  They toy I am speaking of is called ULive.  This takes 4 or 5 wireless carriers and uses them to send back the video to the tv station and then boom, you are on TV.  What is so great about this?  This is going to allow folks to be in the action better than ever before. It will revolutionize live coverage on tv news more than anything else.  It will also put ENG and SNG Operators out of a job.


This is the cool part, we drove the sat truck to Stillwater for the Arizona game last night…its the back up plan.  That’s right the back up plan.  PLAN A is the never before used technology that allows us to be ANYWHERE.  So while other stations were live in the parking lot with cars as the background, we were live on the plaza at Boone Pickens Stadium with a back pack, and a Panasonic 170 with a monitor on a blackberry.  Ten years ago this was a pipe dream…its actually really cool to see a lot of this come to reality.  So in the future, we could literally be on the sideline of a game that is not being nationally televised with out the worry of a cable to a sat truck so your view is our view.



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