The Death of Local Television?

Imagine a time and place where local television over the air doesn’t exist?  That would mean no weather warnings, no local news, no amber alerts, no emergency broadcasts.  You would be forced to purchase cable or satellite service to get television (something always free to you) in your home.  This is a very real possibility.  In 46 days or less a congressional super-committee  is determining if you should continue to receive television over the air for free.

Here is the short version, we as broadcasters lease the airwaves from the government.  Renewed every 5 years, it allows us to broadcast local programming, news, weather, sports, to you the public.  The government is in the process of trying to reduce the deficit.  On the chopping block is your television service that is currently free.  If this happens, you will no longer be getting local tv news, weather, information, because television stations could not afford to stay on the air if they were on cable or satellite services alone.  Forcing layoffs across the country, the public would not have public warnings they now enjoy.  So the local broadcasters would in fact close their doors and take down the towers.  This is worst case scenario.  Next step up in the scenarios is still not good.  Best option is they leave the broadcasters alone all together.  The government has already forced you into digital service, are they now going to force you into purchasing cable or dish service?

Call your United States congressman and senator today and tell them to leave your local television service alone.

Here is a link to a site that explains more.

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