Lets talk storytelling…

Have you ever watched a video that someone produced and wondered… “What was that minute and half about?”  It’s happening a lot!  The problem is people aren’t able to connect with someone who is just a talking head.  Don’t get me wrong, information is good, but what sells a product or service is a face and a personal story.  Take this for example:  If you are searching youtube.com for a video about charitable giving, are you going to be more apt to give to an organization with a bunch of interviews and some pictures or are you going to give to a group with stories about how they money has changed peoples lives?  Obviously its the second one…people want to see, they want to connect, most importantly they want feel some emotion to who they are about to give money to.

What does all this mean…don’t put a talking head up there giving and spewing information.  Take the time, shoot the interviews and ask compelling questions, make the moments real!  Staging shots and other things is not story telling.  Make the moments count and let the sound you gather connect with the viewer.  What we think is important, isn’t…it’s their story not ours.  If you want great story telling that will connect with your audience, hire a professional.  Don’t rely on your own skill set to accomplish this goal.  You need someone who clearly understands the storytelling process and does it all day every day.

The Dry Design Group, LLC is a company based in Edmond, Oklahoma.  They specialize in using visual storytelling to produce video for company websites.  To learn more, visit the home page at www.drydesigngroup.com


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