Houston, we have a problem…

When we begin with social media site we first add our friends or colleagues.  Eventually we want to branch outside of that initial group because believe it or not we all have a mission for social media (whether you claim it or not).    When I began my twitter page, I had no idea who I wanted to communicate with or what I wanted to do…I just let it exist.

A lot of  times, we do that with our message in our marketing or our mission statement.  We spend time developing our mission statement (because someone told us we needed one) tell our friends about our mission statement or vision, then we forget to measure our daily tasks against that statement or vision.  We simply let it fall by the side of the road (or in the tv world, the cutting room floor).   Its not that we want to go astray, but we just do.

What are you using to measure your tasks against?  What is the “standard” you have set for your self?  What is the standard you have set for your company?  With out a standard, you have nothing.  In social media your standard is your personality.  In your product, your standard is your perfection.  In your marketing, it has to be both.


Billy Dry is the CEO of the Dry Design Group, LLC  a video production company based in Edmond, Oklahoma specializing in providing marketing tools to law firms and other small businesses.


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