My name is Vincent…but let me tell you this story first

Sent to Kingfisher County on a grass fire today.  I generally love these because I get to get right up in the mix and come home smelling like I have been camping.  I love the smell of a campfire, who doesn’t right?  I digress, we did the usual get the firefighters to talk about the fire, show them working, get the fire if there is any left by the time we arrive (our firefighters are good in rural Oklahoma).   Time to go home right?  Wrong!  What is the story…we took a moment looked around asked the usual questions but then we stopped! Listened…and there it was wooshing past our ears, whipping our hair around.  It was the wind.   We asked firefighters if the wind today played a factor in the fight, of course it did it is Oklahoma after all. (Insert song lyrics from Rogers and Hammerstein here)

So obviously we need someone to talk about the wind BESIDES the firefighters after all they are going to tell us the same thing, “yeah it was windy!”  We looked around and knocked on a trailer door that may or may not have belonged to a sex offender or maybe a hunter,  either way I know I heard banjos when I got out of  Sally the Subaru.  (Yes I named my car who doesn’t right?)  Next stop was a gold mine of character for tv news.  We knocked on a farm house door.  A fella opens the door and instantly told us he was glad we got there  because the rats were getting out of control.  We politely introduced ourselves as a tv news crew and told him we want to talk to him about the wind.  Keep in mind this guy lived in this house since 1935, Vincint Jirik.  He had seen a lot and told us a lot, but in keeping with the theme of story telling, when we asked our usual first question “Sir could you please say your name and spell it”  He instantly had a story for us.

Steve Hartman of CBS News said everyone has a story.  This guy Vincent for sure does, he knows EVERYONE who lives around him, he knows everything that has happened in that area, and key to our story, he doesn’t want his house to burn down due to the wind.  Now that may seem like an obvious request, but you see when he moved into that house in 1935, the house he was living in prior had burned down.  Vincent has a real concern about losing his house, not because the guy is old and wouldn’t have a place to stay, but because 77 years ago, he lost his home to fire.

Now, lets review grass fire in Kingfisher county, firefighters say its windy, do some leg work and find a guy who lost his home 77 years ago to fire and doesn’t want to lose his current home…I’d say that’s a clear cut win for story telling.

What stories are you telling?  Tell me about them email me at

Billy Dry is the CEO of the Dry Design Group.  A video production company based in Edmond, Oklahoma specializing in the marketing of law firms.


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