August…it’s a weird one!

August is usually a month for back to school sales, going back to school, and getting ready for the fall.  It also marks the beginning of football practice, hot weather and the beginning of hurricane season.  It really is a weird month.  This summer our family lived with less not because we were trying to live with less for some greater purpose or life lesson.  We lived with less because we staged our house to sell so naturally we moved about 40% of the junk out of our house in preparation for someone to buy it.  So maybe I just said to much we sold our house…August for our family signified the beginning of a new chapter for the house that Dry built, or in this case remodeled.  We moved from a comfy 3 bed 2 bath home built in 1973 to a spacious 4 bed 3 bath home built in yup, 1973.  The previous home owner was a lifelong smoker, so the carpet came out all 2200 sq feet of it, we painted the entire house (22 gallons of white kilz paint) and are in the process of finishing tile work.  We are replacing vanities, toilets, carpet, sinks, plumbing lines, etc…it is a lot of work.

So why am I telling you about all this work we are doing?  I am sharing because we look like zombies, I am currently more temperamental than I usually am, and we are doing this for one reason and one reason only, our children.  We didn’t like the elementary school we were in so we up and moved.  It is extremely stressful knowing that the day we closed on the new house, was also the first day of school for the kids.  They are handling it OK, they have separate rooms now and that’s a little tough for story time at night, but they are growing up.

What have we learned through this process, we have some amazing friends!  My in-laws are awesome, and we have more crap than anyone person should have.  So that being said…when it comes to your crap in your home, go through it before you die.  I would hate for my girls to have to sort through my stuff…

random thoughts are now over…talk to you soon


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