The Cutting Room Floor.

Most of of us hear the term cutting room floor and assume that something that should have been included was well…left out.  Yeah that’s what that phrase means.  It got me to thinking, what else do we leave on the cutting room floor?  My last post was about opportunities.  How many opportunities were left on … Continue reading


I have had many opportunities in my life…yes I am only 35 (36 this year) but I still consider myself fairly lucky to have done ALL that I have done.  Much less accomplished what I did. Here is a quick list… Married, College Graduate, got knocked down, Kids, Respected in my chosen career field, Small … Continue reading

Something New…

When I was trying to think of something new to say, I realized it has all been said.  That means that everyone regurgitates the same old “sayings” to each other this time of year. Here are a couple of  my favoites “To a new year and a new you.” Or my favorite “To new beginnings.” … Continue reading