I have had many opportunities in my life…yes I am only 35 (36 this year) but I still consider myself fairly lucky to have done ALL that I have done.  Much less accomplished what I did.

Here is a quick list…
Married, College Graduate, got knocked down, Kids, Respected in my chosen career field, Small business owner, and divorced.

That’s a really short list right?  When you get down to it, it really doesn’t look like much.  However, I wouldn’t trade a single moment in any of these Opportunities.  Each one was a growing experience for me…some moments (periods in life) more enjoyable than others.  I think we all go through this.  However there is one opportunity that doesn’t quite fit.  If you look between College and Kids you see I got knocked down.  I was 22 when this happened, I learned so much.  When I was in it, I admit, it was the end of the world for me.  Looking back, I see the largest amount of growth I ever had.  It was probably the biggest learning moment for me in my life.  I learned that regardless of what happens to me…life goes on and I had to learn how to roll with it.  Everything else on the list except Divorce is planned, calculated, its specific. No one plans to be laying in the middle of the floor on their back wondering how the hell they got where they are.  It happened.  You plan to be successful, plan to get married, and unless you are really unlucky, you plan to have kids!

I called this post opportunities because although I have accomplished so much, I find the biggest opportunities for winning in the failures of life.  I admit about a month ago I was failing.  That’s when my divorce happened.  I had two options…I can sulk and kick the can around a bit and really do nothing about it.  I can honestly sit in my apartment in OKC and feel sorry for myself.  OR I can smile, I can try and make a difference in people’s lives, be super dad to my girls.  Oh yeah it’s a tough road to travel, but when you go with friends down their roads they in turn go down your road too.




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