The Day After Groundhog Day.

A nice Sea Foam Green Accent Wall

A nice Sea Foam Green Accent Wall

I have often wondered, in the month I have been in my apartment, if I can paint my walls.  What kind of new adventure would that give me?  Would it spruce up things, would it entice me to do things differently, or would it simply be paint on a wall?  True story, I recently took a ladder to a friend who was helping another friend paint a single wall in her apartment.  Let’s face it I have some short friends…Yes Kim Passoth I am talking about you (and Maggie).  Sorry I digress…yes so I delivered the ladder, I was really amazed at what a coat of paint on ONE wall can do.  I have seen it done on HGTV you know an “accent wall.”  I never put much stock in what one small thing could do to change the perspective of how things look.

Here is the deep thought associated with this weeks random rambling, imagine you are in a box…don’t worry there is a door you Claustrophobics…paint it what you will you have any color you desire. Let’s say that you decide to paint the whole thing RED.  Red is glorious, its powerful, its majestic, and it’s one color.  We have 4 walls to paint, and we paint them all with the same color.  No variety, nothing out of the ordinary.  Sadly we do this every day.  Our days typically have ZERO variety.  Sure we have different interactions daily, but for the most part it’s Groundhog Day.  We get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, and watch something on tv or read a book, or something to pass the time before we go to bed.  What are you doing to provide some accents in your life? Why do we paint the entire box the same color?  I have always tried to do something a little different to change it up…like at the state capitol, I may take the stairs instead of waiting on an elevator…depending on how much gear I am carrying this can get interesting.  People say take the stairs, drink some tea instead of soda, drive a different way to work, go to a local park for your lunch break.  Sit in Leadership Square and listen to the guys covering Simon and Garfunkel instead of rushing back to the office to get back on email.   That way when you are asked how your day was, instead of you know “the same ole same ole”  you can say work was good, but my lunch break was great…It may generate some looks at first, but I guarantee, it will make your day better!

So back to the box we are in.  Stand back, look at one wall instead of all 4…make a change to one wall not all of them, it will provide the variety that you need in your daily life.  Maybe later you can add a plastic plant.  One thing at a time though.

Added after publishing***

The thing I did differently today?  Shot and edited 2 stories with Kim (awesome writer) Passoth instead of the one…it was a good challenge. Tomorrow I will switch to bran cereal, maybe?



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