Chocolate and Chips

Not to be confused with chocolate chips, but I am talking specifically of chocolate and Pringles.  Who would have ever thought that such a combination would be had and could be created?  Certainly not this fella! I remember the first time I had them…I was sitting in the Photog Lounge at KWTV and fellow photog and one of my many mentors approached me with this dark Pringles shaped can.  Rich (Kriegel) asked if I had ever had one. Of course I am 21 at the time and of course not…I was a broke college student who didn’t have the money for such a luxury.  I tried it and I was hooked!  I remember one over night I was in the photog room alone playing elf bowling and was hungry…if only Rich had left his locker unlocked I would have had that sweet and salty goodness!  I settled for a Butterfinger out of the vending machine.

Combinations like this are an unlikely pair however when mixed, damn its good! I find myself identifying things in my life: Single, a Father of two beautiful girls, a journalist, and guy who doesn’t like to have dirty dishes in the sink.  I am a little OCD about things, but not horribly.  I am a workaholic for sure, don’t believe ask my starter wife (I mean that with all sincerity).   I have 4 things that I use to identify me.  Most serious journalists I know have a divorce or 4 under their belts and even have the 5th one drawn up waiting to file.  They know its part of the game.  So single and journalists go together…like Abbott and Costello.  Being a dad and a journalist…this is the tough one…we tend to go where the story is.  Often times it appears the story is not at the PTA meetings, or the second grade sock hop on friday nights.  However, most serious journalists would find the PTA meetings might be the best place to find a story.

What are the unlikely things in your life that happen, that pleasantly surprise you?  Take note and inventory it, save it for a rainy day when you need that pick me up.

I really don’t like dishes in the sink…I am pretty sure no one does though.


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