Chapter 3…Involvement

Most people go through stages in life.  There is high school, college, your 20’s etc….everyone names them something different.  I am calling this new phase Chapter 3.  It’s a new chapter because I willingly closed chapter 2 up.  I made decisions that will impact for the rest of my life.  Decisions to impact my girls lives hopefully for the rest of theirs.

I remember when my dad went back to college.  I think he was about 40.  I honestly don’t remember the exact year but I remember I was in middle school.  I remember not knowing exactly what he was going to school for but I remember him telling me I am trying to make it better for us.  My dad, was a brilliant man.  Honestly the smartest man I ever knew.  In my career I came into contact with many brilliant men, none of them could even compare to my dad.  He not only had book smarts but he was fantastic with people.  His job was a technician of sorts.  He was able to fix almost any problem over the phone.  The great part was hearing him get off the phone and laugh because someone forgot to plug the machine back in.

Dad passed away in August 2007 it was during a hurricane that made landfall over Oklahoma.

Mom began a new chapter in her life.  All of the family did.

Everything major life event is somewhat of a chapter.  Maybe a subsection in that chapter.  You may classify it differently, but regardless there is a book mark in time for you there.  Chapter 3 for me is marking the moment I decided to take control of my life again.  Let’s recap chapter 2 here is the cliff’s notes version: College, Work, Dad passes, work some more, divorce, confusion, clarity.

At the end of every life chapter the same thing occurs you have a moment of confusion followed by clarity when you can solidly say, “this is the end of this chapter.”  After my divorce and still today a little bit I can’t wrap my head things sometimes.  The one thing I figured out was my career destroyed my life.  I chose that path.  No excuses for it, it was my doing.  I will be 36 on the 11th of June.  My dad at 36 had no bachelors degree, was working a job that he enjoyed and was home in the evenings.  He was able to go on camping trips with me when I was in scouts.   He was in my life is what I am trying to say.  I will be in my girl’s lives.  I will be involved in their world.

Starting a new chapter is scary because you don’t know whats behind the door.  It’s kinda like being given an envelope and being told not to open it until a certain date.  Here is the thing, if you trust the person giving you the envelope then you know you are ok, I trust God to guide me.

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