In The Boat

It’s a weird thing.  People spend time cultivating friendships, putting effort into others, time spent, paying attention to little things, sending texts, letters, what ever the case, there is always one person who puts more into a friendship than the other.  I often wonder how many guys or girls are out there perpetually giving encouragement, … Continue reading

The Sounds of Silence.

It’s Memorial Day, a day we remember, we honor and celebrate those who gave their lives so we can grill, drink beer, eat pizza, or what ever you choose to do.  I worked today.  I tried to remember what I was doing one year ago today.  I was covering a story about a soldier who … Continue reading

Hide and Go Seek

About a week ago my mom was up and we were sitting in the front room of my apartment.  She sat in the lovely cow skin chair that I have, me on my couch with my feet up on the ottoman.  Comfy, right?  For the most part yes.  Until the conversation switched from my mom … Continue reading

You Won’t Believe Your Ears

I was looking through my Facebook pictures the other day with a native New Yorker and came across my 9/11 Memorial pictures.  To my amazement she said she hadn’t had the chance to visit the site yet.  I was slightly shocked and a little taken aback when she said this because the site, even with … Continue reading

Chocolate and Chips

Not to be confused with chocolate chips, but I am talking specifically of chocolate and Pringles.  Who would have ever thought that such a combination would be had and could be created?  Certainly not this fella! I remember the first time I had them…I was sitting in the Photog Lounge at KWTV and fellow photog … Continue reading