The Truth is…

I go through many nights sitting here in my apartment wondering what is going on in the outside world.   I am 36 you would think that I have many friends.  As a matter of fact I know a lot of people, I mean probably more than I can even think about.  A quick survey … Continue reading

Chapter 3…Involvement

Most people go through stages in life.  There is high school, college, your 20’s etc….everyone names them something different.  I am calling this new phase Chapter 3.  It’s a new chapter because I willingly closed chapter 2 up.  I made decisions that will impact for the rest of my life.  Decisions to impact my girls … Continue reading

The Sounds of Silence.

It’s Memorial Day, a day we remember, we honor and celebrate those who gave their lives so we can grill, drink beer, eat pizza, or what ever you choose to do.  I worked today.  I tried to remember what I was doing one year ago today.  I was covering a story about a soldier who … Continue reading

Hide and Go Seek

About a week ago my mom was up and we were sitting in the front room of my apartment.  She sat in the lovely cow skin chair that I have, me on my couch with my feet up on the ottoman.  Comfy, right?  For the most part yes.  Until the conversation switched from my mom … Continue reading

You Won’t Believe Your Ears

I was looking through my Facebook pictures the other day with a native New Yorker and came across my 9/11 Memorial pictures.  To my amazement she said she hadn’t had the chance to visit the site yet.  I was slightly shocked and a little taken aback when she said this because the site, even with … Continue reading